These 5 apps killing your battery 2017

These 5 apps killing your battery 2017

Here is the list of 5 apps that killing battery

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is very social popular app but within popular it huge drain on your android Smartphone’s battery.

2.Candy crush

candy crush

These app have very high storage data and battery consumption.  Most of people are using to entertainment  and time pass these app.

3. Facebook


Facebook is top social networking app. Its huge drain on your android Smartphone’s  battery. Every Smartphone have facebook app.

4. Google play service

Google play service

These app’s battery, storage and data consumption is high. The main reason is that most of  app is running through it.

5.Whats app


This again highly addictive and very popular app. This is the world no. 1 messaging app and most of people are using this app. Whats app is huge drain on your android smartphone’s battery because by default it is automatically working.

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