All Softwares that you need a Simple PC or Laptop

You will firstly buy a laptop or a computer according to your requirements I will prefer this at present time minimum requirements like you will need Intel Core i3 processor with 4GB RAM & 1TB Hard disk you will also have a interest of gaming then you will purchase minimum 2GB graphics card also in your laptop.

Firstly you will need Operating System like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 or other according to your satisfaction.

  1. Installing Operating system in your laptop that will take 1 hour maximum timing.
  2. Because they will install drivers as well as other software that will used in your laptop.

Now i will provide you all software that you need to install in your laptop

  • You will need an antivirus to protect your pc for viruses there is also two types of antiviruses like: Paid Antivirus or Free Antivirus AVAST Free Download
  • Next you will need a Mediaplayer to play Movies, Videos etc. Download: VLC Media player 
  • Then you will need to install Adobe Reader to open pdf files Download:Adobe Reader
  • Next you will install a web browser. Download: Google Chrome
  • Next you will open images in different formats or share directly will any social networking site you need to install Picasa
  • You will install new file sharing software like Shareit

Thank you 


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