Backup Software For PC 2017

#1: Drive Image XML Backup Software

This software is used to create the whole system files backup for pc. In this you can create the backup of your system to attach external disks like pendrive or external hard-disk. You are able to extract out individual files, search through the backup, and even directly launch some files without restoring everything.

#2: AOMEI Backup Software

This is one of the best softwares for creating backups in laptops. This software is only available for windows operating system not for others. The latest version of this software is available in the market.

#3: GIF Backup Software

That is the another software for creating backup in files. It’s really easy to add more than one file or folder to GFI Backup to be included in a backup job. The folder structure looks just like it does in Windows Explorer, letting you place a check next to anything you want to be included.

#4: BackUp Maker Software

This is used for creating backups in computers. Simple selection allows you to choose common files and locations to backup, such as Internet browser bookmarks, music, and videos. When restoring a backup, you can choose any location on your computer and optionally select to only backup new files.

#5: Nova Backup Software

This is very useful than other softwares to creating backup in all the system because this software has click only one time this software automatically create the backup process. This is also very reliable software than others. This software is user friendly. This is very popular software available in the market.

#6: Areca Backup Software

Areca Backup makes it simple to add new files to a backup job by supporting copy paste feature. You can save a backup to any internal drive, FTP site, or network folder. Backing up to external hardware is not supported. This is used to create backup small files.

#7: Cobian Backup Software

A full, differential or incremental backup can be used with Cobian Backup. It also supports automatically removing empty folders from a backup and utilizing Volume Shadow Copy. Several options are available for launching tasks before and/or after a backup job runs, some of which include starting a program, stopping a service, hibernating the computer, and running a custom command.

#8: Acronis True Image Software

This is the best software for creating backups in Computers it is easily available in the the market. This is fully compatible with Windows 10,8,7 and MAC operating systems. In this software you can create the cloud backups.

#9: Everyday Auto Backup Software

This is very useful software for creating backups because they create a backup day by day. Everyday Auto Backup is really easy to use. It can backup folders to and from a local disk or network location in just a few clicks. Important thing is that to create backup day by day is easy not than one time in month or year.

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