How to create a Personal Hotspot On my PC

Firstly you have to create a personal hotspot this is not an easy task you have to find some things then you will be able to create an Efficient hotspot. Hotspot is a necessary thing which you want to use daily. Hotspot is used to transfer files or used to create an internet connection.

Follow these steps to Create a Hotspot

  • First you have to download the software from this site Connectify
  • There is a paid software. If you are using free software or trial version then there will be time limit of 30 minutes to create a hotspot not more than time.
  • Then Install the software.
  • At last you will restart you PC.

How to use that Hotspot

  • Open your system.
  • Open the connectify software then you will provide the username of your hotspot and password.
  • Then your hotspot will work properly.

I  hope you will follow these steps to “create a personal hotspot” if you will face any problem related this, then you will comment below!

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