Microsoft Launches First iphone app for Blind peoples

Microsoft launch this new app for the blind peoples and this app will working on the Camera of the Smartphone Because this app has its own artificial intelligence that runs locally on their phone.

Iphone App

The company Microsoft researchers last year to develop this app but this app’s working is totally complete this year that’s why this app is launched today.

Download: Free for ios or windows

At this time this app is only working in Apple and Windows this app is not available for Androids. This app is free not a paid app.

!Just hold up your phone and hear information about the world around you, Promises Microsoft!

One of the things we wanted to do was face recognition on device, and we have done that so within a few milliseconds you will hear the result. It’s all about the speed, and we try to do as much as we can on the device.

This is the latest technology app for Micosoft ever, Facebook, Google has also working on these apps to develop but this time Microsoft launches first.

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