1: System App Remover

With the help of this app you can uninstall the already unused built in apps from your phone.

2: Titanium Backup

This app is also called the mother of backup apps. With the help of this app you can create the backup of any app but firstly you have to root your data and the backup will be created with your data.

3: Flashify

If you want to flash our app, then first we have to create the backup of these apps so we can use it in future.

4: Font Fix

If you want to add any different style of font in your phone . Firstly you have to download that font from internet and then install this style with the help of this app.

5: Net Cut

With the help of this app you can control the speed of devices that are connected with you via hotspot option. And you can also increase/decrease the speed of connected devices.

6: Greenify

This app is used for both rooted and non-rooted devices. This app acts as battery saver in your device.

7: Lucky patcher

This app is useful for hacking of games. Hacking is done by patches of different games like subway surfs game, you can increase the coins of your game.

8: Folder Mount

When the internal memory of our device is less then our requirement then we can create a folder by using this app which act as a internal memory in our devices, but actually this folder is created in SD Card or external memory.

 9: AF Wall+

This app works like a firewall manager. This app is used to assign the proper network capacity for any game or app for downloading it over mobile data or wifi network option.

10: GMD Gesture Control

If we want to apply the gestures of Iphone into your android device . Then this app is very useful.

11: Boot Animation

This app works as a screen saver in our phone.

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