These are best android chatting(messaging)apps: #1: Hangouts         Google Hangouts replaces three messaging applications that Google has implemented including (Google talk, Google+, Messenger ). Google announced hangouts would evolve... Read more »

Facebook new feature Snooze or Mute Notification

The new feature will add in the facebook is “Snooze“. This feature will works like a Mute notifications in the whatsapp they will not show any notifications. This feature will not show... Read more »

Facebook is going to test Whatsapp shortcut in an Android app

Mainly the facebook have testing whatsapp shortcut because of that If you are a regular whatsapp user then you will also face this problem like this you can’t share pic on whatsapp... Read more »

Facebook to show less links to slow-loading websites

In the coming months, Facebook is updating its News Feed to show more weblinks that load faster and less stories which take time to open. In a blog post on Wednesday, Facebook... Read more »

Apple gets nod to test its 5G technology in 2017

Apple is launching now 5G technology and provides very higher speed to testing this technology. Apple is targeting millimetre-wave broadband at higher frequency and smaller wavelength bands. Millimetre-wave technology helps in larger... Read more »

Facebook Launching a New Feature Find Wifi Easily 2017

New launch of Facebook 2017 Facebook has launching this new feature is available for both Android & ios users, Because this feature is provided in the facebook app or website officially. This... Read more »