Top 5 Best Laptops In 2017

#1: Apple

Apple is the world’s largest information technology Company. Apple develops its own operating system to run on Macs. Apple laptops are the best laptops ever because they provide original software and hardware. Their design and performance is very good. Apple not only provide laptops it can also provide Smartphones with best features.

#2: Sony

Sony  is one of the most reputed brand in laptops. Sony’s laptops are having best in performance and in design. They comes up with latest intel processors and windows installed. They provide best display quality and sound performance.

#3: Dell

Dell is top brand company of laptops, They provides high configuration and latest processors. Dell Company only provide laptops and almost are having laptops for all price ranges. Because they have provide dell centers in all cities .

#4: HP

HP is one of the most valuable brands. HP laptops are very famous for their performance, features and design. For customers HP is having a huge selection of prices, configuration and styles to choose from. It havn’t matter which HP’s laptop you choose technical support will always be there for you. HP provides high configuration of laptops.

#5: Lenovo

Lenovo is a Chinese-American multinational technology company. Lenovo provides high configuration processors. Lenovo acquired IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, including the ThinkPad laptop and tablet lines. Their laptop may lack in style but are having a strong built in quality. Their laptops are durable. It provides amazing features.

#6: Acer

Acer is a series of personal computers. The Aspire series covers both desktop computers and laptops. Acer developed the series to range from essentials to high performance. The main advantage of Acer  laptops is their cost is low but provide high configuration processors and amazing features. E-machines laptops is also a type of Acer Laptops.

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